Track Rollers

Track Rollers

Track Rollers are forged from a boron steel alloy and then through hardened to a good core hardness. This prevents the bushings from loosening. The roller outside diameter is also deep heat treated through wear limit for maximum wear life.


  • Available in single and double flange, and in both excavator and track-type tractor styles
  • Sealed and lifetime lubricated
  • Wide flanges resist rollover
  • High-strength steel and deep hardening virtually eliminate wear, shock loads, and bell mouthing
  • Sleeve bearings and large hardened shafts absorb impacts and deflection

Tractor-style rollers have an upset center shaft to absorb heavy thrust loading and offer at least 30% more wear life than excavator-style rollers. Best for machines that spend a lot of time traveling at high speeds.

Excavator-style rollers are better in high-impact conditions because of its heav-duty, large diameter shaft.

Track Rollers

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