KTSU Parts for Mini-Excavators

Today’s compact track loader undercarriage is expected to perform at a high level under the most demanding conditions. Each manufacturer on the market seems to have their own unique approach and configuration in the design of their CTL undercarriage system. From solid mount, suspension mount to even torsion suspension mounted undercarriage variations…there is definitely no “one size that fits all”.

KTSU has recognized this evolution of the CTL undercarriage. We manufacture every current CTL undercarriage configuration for every brand on the market. But not only do we have the “All Makes” range of products. We manufacture them to be structurally sound so optimize performance and minimize downtime. KTSU Canada’s CTL undercarriage line of components are designed to provide flotation, power, and torque to overcome even the worst underfoot conditions.

We offer the broadest range of sprockets, idlers, rollers, and rubber tracks in the CTL undercarriage arena. Call a KTSU product support rep to find out about how we can help maximize the service life and performance capabilities for every one of the CTLs in your shop.

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